100% complete software solution for the VAT & SD Act 2012

What is PrismVAT?

PrismVAT is a purely web-based program that is entirely compatible with VAT Act 2012, recognized and certified by NBR (National Board of Revenue). For maintaining statutory VAT compliance, NBR approved PrismVAT is one of the best VAT management software in Bangladesh. PrismVAT has already been implemented in over 60 multidimensional enterprises that generate their Mushak reports to ensure utmost transparency. NBR approved PrismVAT provides accurate VAT reports in real time from any location at all times. In addition to PrismVAT's exceptional technological flexibility, the software's in-house development shows the amount of commitment that makes it consistently trustworthy. PrismVAT always shows itself to be the top VAT management software on the national and international market, among many other NBR enlisted VAT software. 



Provide time tested, secure, reliable and cost-effective VAT management solutions to achieve the ultimate business objectives.



Provide competitive advantages for our clients through innovative use of modern technologies to be VAT compliant according to the VAT act.

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