VAT 2012 Reports (PDF/Screenshot) Generated by PrismVAT

NBR certified VAT management software PrismVAT produces monthly VAT Returns and pertinent Mushak Reports for the highest level of statutory compliance. PrismVAT is a purely web-based program that is entirely compatible with VAT Act 2012, provides accurate reporting in real time from any location at all times. 

PrismVAT makes the VAT return process easier than ever before.

Here are some of the reports generated by PrismVAT software.

Screen Shot
PDF Link
Excel Link
Mushak 4.3
Mushak 6.1
Mushak 6.2
Mushak 6.2.1
Mushak 6.3
Mushak 6.4
Mushak 6.5
Mushak 6.6
Mushak 6.7
Mushak 6.8
Mushak 6.10
Mushak 9.1
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