Frequently Asked Questions

It is a software through which users can manage accurate VAT Returns and get the VAT reports prescribed by the NBR.  

PrismVAT is a VAT management software developed by Divine IT Limited, based on VAT Act 1991 and 2012, approved by NBR.

The NBR imposed rules for VAT reports and submission is based on the 2012 Act. which is an online based submission act.

Yes. All VAT reports can be exported from PrismVAT which is an NBR approved software.

Yes. The user can access from anywhere in the world from any type of smart device.

Through API integration, it is possible to integrate with PrismVAT.

Yes. Data can be exported from an existing software and imported in PrismVAT. This provision is open for the user and can be done without contacting the vendor.

Yes. Users can use PrismVAT as a stand-alone software and also in an integrated mode with PrismERP.

PrismVAT software is in English but the NBR approved reports are generated in Bangla.

You can control the access in this software according to roles and groups. You can also impose security measures like IP restriction, 2FA and Time restrictions.

According to the direction from NBR, they will keep an access in the software at all times.

If it’s in stand-alone mode the modules will be Accounting, Product & Pricing, Service Management, Production, Inventory & Delivery management, Sales, Purchase and Party management. There are provisions to integrate other modules with this software as well.

Users can easily upload files in PrismVAT and they do not need to contact the vendor for that.

Yes. Step by step production management functionalities are available in PrismVAT

Wastage calculation can be done in this software.

There are no limitations of digit in PrismVAT.

According to VAT ACT 2012 you will get the following reports in PrismVAT:

1.    Mushak 4.3 (Input-Output Coefficient)

2.    Mushak 6.1 (Purchase Book)

3.    Mushak 6.2 (Sales Book)

4.    Mushak 6.2.1 (Sale-Purchase Book)

5.    Mushak 6.3 (Tax Challan)

6.    Mushak 6.4 (Contractual Production Challan)

7.    Mushak 6.5 (Transfer Challan)

8.    Mushak 6.6 (VDS Certificate)

9.    Mushak 6.7 (Credit Note)

10. Mushak 6.8 (Debit Note)

11. Mushak 6.10 (Sale-Purchase of over 2 Lac)

12. Mushak 9.1 (VAT Return)

13. TR-6 (Treasury Challan) 

From NBR website you have to get eBIN certification. There is no provision to obtain eBIN certification from PrismVAT.

Column can be added according to the client’s requirement but the columns prescribed by NBR must be available in the reports.

Users can print the same report multiple times. From the second time onwards there will be “Onulipi” marked beside the Mushok number

It is not possible to change or edit any VAT amount.

PrismVAT can be managed in any kind of company providing Manufacturing, Trading and Service related services.

Security options like 2FA, time restriction, IP restriction, role based access etc. can be configured to restrict any kind of software breach.

Yes. Please contact sales@divineit.net to obtain user manual, product brochure, presentation and demo.

It is an independent software with many options like integration with existing software, module extensions, management of full production process etc. thus the price varies according to the requirements. 

You can maintain on a premise server as well as cloud storage. In case of cloud storage, the user has to maintain a mirror storage in their office premise which has been made mandatory by NBR.

PrismVAT stands on our own platform FurinaPy, OS is Linux and Database is MySQL, Oracle etc.

Payment methods will be defined through discussions conducted by both parties.

There are two types of implementation model:

1) Stand alone: In this implementation model, the user will input directly from the system

2) Integration with Existing System: In this model, you can implement PrismVAT by connecting with your existing system through two methods. 

i) API Integration: With PrismAPI, your existing system will integrated with PrismVAT

ii) Without API: Through the 3rd party API your existing system can be connected with PrismVAT software. Company will develop the API. If API is not feasible then user can upload data in PrismVAT using predefined excel file format

PrismVAT is the extended version of an ERP solution, thus any kind of modification, upgradation is possible.

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