PrismVAT's Ledger Management manages and shows the ledger summary of all the current accounts as well as party transactions


Voucher Management in PrismVAT allows the users for creating vouchers against payment, receipt, expense, journal and contra


Sales management feature allows users to sell products from stock with multiple payment method & intelligent accounting system with proper Tax and VAT calculation.

Inventory Management

PrismVAT inventory provides an overview of the total number of inventories, amount of products in each inventory, item-wise products and their quantity/price and so on. Product price declaration can also be provided into individual product.


Procurement solution provides a realistic platform with easy user interface to purchase products and store them in stock. It also includes the price declaration as well as cancellation procedure of purchase with Mushak reports on each type of order & cancellation


PrismVAT permits the management of a full-cycle production as well as users can simply generate VAT reports by inputting the production summary.

File Import

With PrismVAT, user can import files from another system. It supports file formats such as .xlsx & .csv for importing files from any device.


With the party management of PrismVAT, users can see the overview of all the customers, vendors and the transactions occurring between each party.

Product & Servicing

On PrismVAT, users can verify the type of services they provide and manage all types of service oriented functionalities and products.

Audit Trail

Audit trail in PrismVAT allows the user to see the overall history of the user’s activity, business transactions, analytics in the system

Backup & Restore

PrismVAT users can backup & restore their data at any time which will be automatically stored in their local PC. These data can be uploaded on PrismVAT from their PC and used without inconvenience.

API Integration

With API tool, Integration of PrismVAT with an existing system can be achieved.